Posted by: Jenn Deering Davis | January 11, 2011

2 interesting TweetReach datasets

I do a bit of blogging over on our TweetReach blog about some of the more interesting Twitter data we’ve tracked, particularly when the tweets relate to news and tech events. Sometimes I find a particular dataset so interesting that I want to share it here, too. Today I have two such datasets to share.

You can read the full analyses on the TweetReach blog – there’s one for CES and another for Verizon iPhone. Up first, the post about CES tweets. Here’s an excerpt:

We used the TweetReach Tracker to monitor tweets for one week around CES (the two days leading up to the event, the four days of the event, and the day after the event). And during that week, we tracked:

443,290 tweets
from 136,738 contributors

generating 1,112,409,883 impressions
reaching 42,200,045 people

I love this CES Tracker because it’s just enormous. It’s the first Tracker that’s generated 1 billion impressions, which is particularly impressive given that it ran for only one week. And it’s intriguing to see how the number of tweets per day peaked on the second day of the conference (CES officially ran from 1/6-1/9). I don’t know about you, but I tend to be most excited – and tweet-happy – about a conference on the first full day I’m there (which was 1/7 for CES), but then my energy starts to fade in the later days. Seems like that happened for lots of CES attendees. There were 140,000 of them, by the way.

So, after thinking the CES Tracker was so compelling, I couldn’t wait to see today’s tweets in our Verizon iPhone Tracker today. (In case you didn’t hear, there’s a Verizon iPhone now.) We’ve been tracking tweets about Verizon and iPhone for a while, but things really heated up during the official announcement today. Here’s an except from our analysis:

Verizon iPhone tweets peaked at more than 56,000 in one hour. As a comparison, the highest number of tweets per hour about CES was 9,641. In one week, 136 thousand people tweeted 443 thousand times about CES. In less than one day, 103 thousand people tweeted 175 thousand times about the Verizon iPhone. Tweets about CES reached 42 million people in a week; tweets about Verizon iPhone reached 33 million people in a day.

And my favorite part:

What this tells us is that Apple can basically do in one day what 2,700 other tech companies did in an entire week at CES. No wonder Apple is the world’s second most valuable company.

So, if these snippets interest you, take a look at the full posts. At the very least, I can promise more pretty graphs.

Full posts:
Tech blogs rule CES. Tech brands don’t.

So, did Apple and Verizon overshadow CES? Oh yes.



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