Posted by: Jenn Deering Davis | July 19, 2010

A new chapter

Hayes and I are moving to San Francisco!

I’ve loved every minute of our time in Austin. The university and tech communities have been welcoming and supportive, and we have been incredibly lucky in the relationships we’ve built here. I thoroughly enjoyed the hot summers and mild winters, the Tex-Mex, breakfast tacos and BBQ, the Alamo Drafthouse and Draught House Pub, Live Oak Big Bark and Shiner Bock, kickball in Zilker Park and disc golf in Pease Park. I will miss all these things a great deal, but I will miss the people we’ve met here more. Austin embraced us warmly and I hope you all know how important you have been – and will continue to be – to us.

Hayes and I moved to Austin five years ago for a number of reasons, two in particular. First, I was accepted into UT’s Communication Studies Ph.D. program, which is one of the top programs in my field. Second, Austin has a strong tech entrepreneur ecosystem and we knew we wanted to start a business here. Well, I finished my Ph.D. this spring and our startup is growing well. It’s time for us to take our next step. That step is San Francisco.

There are myriad reasons to move to San Francisco, but for us, it’s simply the right time. San Francisco has always been one of our favorite cities to visit – we even honeymooned there some years ago – and it has one of the most vibrant startup communities anywhere. We’re extraordinarily excited about finally living in the city we’ve loved for so long.

We’ve sold our condo in Austin and will be settling in California at the beginning of September. I’m going to miss Austin. A lot. But I can’t wait to start this new chapter in our lives. Thank you for helping make the Austin chapter so wonderful. And next time you’re in San Francisco, make sure you stop by for a visit! We’ll have a corner of what I’m sure will be a tiny apartment waiting with your name on it.



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