Posted by: Jenn Deering Davis | May 29, 2008

my new blog, Appozitegeist

I’d like to introduce Appozitegeist, my new blog where I will write in my official capacity as a founder of Appozite. Appozite is a totally new kind of e-commerce company, focused on bringing shopping into an era of social software and smart recommendations, creating a more relevant and fun experience, both for shoppers and retailers. Appozite is a brand new company, so expect lots of changes and updates in the coming weeks and months as we get things going.

I’ll still be blogging here about my dissertation and my various academic research interests revolving around organizational communication, technology and work. The Appozitegeist blog will explore shopping, style and social issues; it’s bound to be quite different from what I talk about here. I’m very excited about the new company and my role there, so give it a look!



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