Posted by: Jenn Deering Davis | April 22, 2008

Where would we be without Twitter?

In a TechCrunch post today, Michael Arrington noted that Twitter may suck in terms of downtime and outages, but we need it too much to switch to a competing service that works better (or more often). His post is great and really sums up what I’ve been feeling, mainly that Twitter is quickly becoming invaluable to me.

I’m still developing my network on Twitter, but already it’s one of the main ways I communicate throughout the day. Forgot updating my IM away messages and Facebook status – I just post a new tweet. It’s a single message that gets propagated throughout my web profiles, so everyone knows what I’m up to. Also, Twitter has given me a space to have quick chats with people I might not normally talk very often. It’s not an IM, it’s not an email, it’s not a blog. It’s all of these and it’s none of them. I’m making new friends in Austin by finding and interacting with them on Twitter. I’m keeping up with old friends in other, distant cities by following them on Twitter. I post mini restaurant and shop reviews on Twitter.

So, I guess it’s official. I’m addicted. This is way better than Facebook.



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