Posted by: Jenn Deering Davis | February 18, 2008

do you check your blackberry while hanging out with your kids?

A reader posted this question on Fast Company’s website, and though there are only four responses so far, everyone has said yes. Huh.

Update: I didn’t have time to elaborate any on this before, but I can now. I am not at all surprised that people check their Blackberries while with their families or friends. But I am a little surprised they admit to it so readily. I would have expected a social desirability bias in people’s responses; isn’t it bad to work when you’re with your kids? That’s what TV says anyway.

Looking at their individual responses is a bit more revealing – the four responses use language like “need to stop that” and “wow I have no life.” So maybe these people are comfortable telling the world they check their Blackberries while with their kids, as long as they admit that it might be a bad thing.

I wonder what kids think of Blackberries and their ilk.  When I was little, no one had cell phones, especially not my parents.  Do they mind that their parents keep their Blackberries around all the time?  Do they think their parents are important or cool?  Do kids want their own Blackberries?



  1. Of course and do they check their txt messages? Of course. That’s the world we live in today:)


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