Posted by: Jenn Deering Davis | February 16, 2008

launchpad coworking

Finally! I’ve seen these types of arrangements in other cities, but nothing quite like it here in Austin. Until now, at least. LaunchPad Coworking will open this summer, and provide the sort of community workspace those of us who work from home sometimes want, when we just need to get out of the house and be around other people. It’s more than a coffee shop and less than an full-time office. I love this idea! I think that some days, all I need to get my creative juices flowing is some interaction with like-minded others. Being around people who are excited and working hard inspires me to be and do the same.

From their blog:

LaunchPad Coworking is a place for independent workers, telecommuters, business travelers and office escapees to join together and work smarter. Carefully designed as a collaborative workplace with a café, LaunchPad Coworking provides independent workspaces and meeting rooms for rent by the hour, ergonomic chairs, ample power outlets, and secure, fiber-optic connectivity. LaunchPad Coworking is a cure for home office isolation and cubicle craziness.

Awesome! I’m looking forward to learning more about this space. I think it’s a great idea, especially in a town that seems to have so many people who work for themselves or out of their homes. I would pay a reasonable amount of money to have a something like a timeshare on an office somewhere else, for those days when I need to get out of the house but Austin Java just won’t do. My home office is wonderful – I have a comfortable chair and two huge monitors – but sometimes I enjoy being around other working people, and this seems like a great solution.

Note: I guess I do have a desk on campus, but there’s been a dead cockroach under it for more than six months and it’s dirty and old and not at all the kind of work environment one needs to be creative and productive. In fact, it’s just downright gross.



  1. I really think there are lots of people *hungry* for coworking. People are doing it in lots of different ways – as coops, with kids, with dogs, for profit, not so much for profit… There’s room for so many models! I feel like we’re at that bell curve place where the trend is *just* heading upward. There were 2 (!) articles about coworking in today’s NYT!

    If you’re interested in the whole coworking idea in general, please join us for a Coworking Austin Meetup: It’s in conjunction with SXSWi, but you don’t need to be attending to join us, and there’s no charge. It’s a chance to hang out and talk to other folks around the world (really!) doing coworking.


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