Posted by: Jenn Deering Davis | January 28, 2008

internal deadlines suck

They suck really hard. I thought that once I got to the dissertation stage, when I was finally done with coursework after a combined 8+ years of all this higher education, that I’d flourish and really start to crank out the work. Ha ha, I was so wrong!

I’m already far too subject to my own moods and whims; I am the queen of rationalizing taking an afternoon or a day off. Combine that with this newfound independence and bam! All of a sudden I realize that, until yesterday, I haven’t made any progress in a month. How does a person lose a whole month??

Anyway, it looks like I’m going to have to work on the whole discipline thing. I know I’m not the first person to get to this point and realize this, but it’s funny how staunchly I believed it wouldn’t happen to me. I just love these reminders of how normal I am. Really, it makes me feel so special. Like a snowflake.



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