Posted by: Jenn Deering Davis | December 11, 2007

dissertation tips

Wow, I need to post more than once a week! I’m working on it, really.

Anyway, as I get into my dissertation, I am both searching for and noticing a number of articles and resources on how to efficiently complete a dissertation. I’m using the tag “dissertation tips” to keep track of these resources and am happy to share them with you. Let me know if you have any good suggestions to add to my list!

I will also be sharing things that work for me throughout this process. In an Information Architecture course I took last spring, we spent a full semester strategizing about our own productivity. One thing I took from that discussion was the dissertation log. Every day, I will make some notes in this log that keep me on track, thinking about my project daily and most importantly, create a paper trail for me to reference later.

This is my first version of that log. Each day, I will write notes for myself on this page. I will start with hard copies that I keep in a notebook, but this may move to a dissertation wiki as the project continues.



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