Posted by: Jenn Deering Davis | November 25, 2007

back from NCA and Thanksgiving

So I’m back from the annual meeting of the National Communication Association (in Chicago this year – one of my favorite cities, but so very cold in November that my thin Texas skin can’t take it). I tend to get easily worn out by these huge conferences and I never attend as many panels I as I tell myself I should. This year was no exception. I was pretty disappointed by some of the panels I attended, and that really wore down my resolve to attend more. I did hear some interesting papers about work/life balance, but some of the org comm technology papers were surprisingly boring or outdated. I am hoping that might motivate me to write a really awesome dissertation.

So now that Thanksgiving is winding down, I guess it’s time for me to get to work. I’ve set a deadline for myself that I’ll have a draft of my prospectus written by Christmas. That gives me one month. And this blog is going to be my public(ish) commitment to that deadline. I’m going to post frequent updates on my process and my progress in an effort to get and keep going. So here I go – I will deliver a prospectus draft in 26 days.



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